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recent purchases

15 May

Some of my new buys this week from H&M;

black lace button up dress (which I LOVE a lot)

white lace tank top, see through

white corset top

pinkish nude flowy dress, with black lining

And the only one not from H&M is my Macy’s pink floral romper. I’ll take pictures with all of these on me within the couple days, almost done with school!


h&m dress

14 May

H&M black lace dress
DSW buckle wedges

southern bell

23 Apr

Guess floral tank top

Macy’s sunhat

Forever 21 high waisted dark denim shorts with belt


23 Apr

Saw this outfit in Francesca’s store window recently. Such a perfect working girl outfit, must buy it.

the top blog shop

20 Apr

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but as of lately i’ve been obsessed with australian clothing, and pretty much everything aussie. This girl has a really great website that has everything I could ever be looking for; customized shorts, double cross ring, turquoise rings, crystal bullet necklaces, etc.  The other website is her used clothing she is trying to get rid of for a very reasonable price! She ships to australia and internationally, which works out for us in the america. Check out both sites!


melody jasmine

18 Apr

Melody Jasmine’s dresses are amazing, they come in all different styles/colors/lengths. You can see all the effort put into to making them, and are a perfect spring dress. I really want one, but at the moment I can’t afford it. Someday it will be mine! Check out her facebook and see all the different styles – Melody Jasmine

supre order part 2

14 Apr

The black and white lace dress I got from Supre is my absolute favorite, a long with my new high waisted shorts. My cousin is wearing a very bright floral dress tucked into dark denim jean high waisted shorts. We loved everything from Supre, just wish we ordered a bigger size.