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violent lips

16 May

Today I saw this advertisement for lip tattoos, of course I clicked it and watch this amazing video of a girl putting on a (fake) lip tattoo. They are bright colors, last for hours, and pretty cheap. So I thought i’d share them with my 3 followers!

If you want a pair check out their site, Violent Lips


purfect eyeliner

1 Mar

You guys like my pun, get it, pur like a cat? Anyways, I love pinup/cat/winged eyeliner, whatever you want to call it. I’ve always had problems with creating that look on myself. I used to use liquid eyeliner to create a small line, but it would never come out even. Then I tried gel liner, which was too thick. Finally, someone told me to use tape. Tape makes it so you can do it as thin as you’d like, and you can see if its even. It really is amazing, and helps a lot.

What I use:

MAC pro chromaline eyeliner gel waterproof – black

Artist tape -it’s the cream colored kind you can get at any craft store

Nude vs Red

24 Feb
The two type of lip colors that I really like, and would actually wear are Nude and Red. The problem I have with both colors is they never come out how I expected it too. Nude lipsticks always make me looked like I have gross chapped lips, while red lipstick makes me look like a pale goth kid. I put on the red and look in the mirror ¬†thinking I look great, then I see a picture of myself later that night and it’s like “What was I thinking?”I have probably bought at least twenty different brands and variations of both colors. I usually just end up going bare.
My favorite Brands for both colors
Nude: MAC’s Satin
Red: MAC’s Russian Red
(I fucking love mac)