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recent purchases

15 May

Some of my new buys this week from H&M;

black lace button up dress (which I LOVE a lot)

white lace tank top, see through

white corset top

pinkish nude flowy dress, with black lining

And the only one not from H&M is my Macy’s pink floral romper. I’ll take pictures with all of these on me within the couple days, almost done with school!



7 Apr

Since i;m going to New Orleans, i’ve  been going crazy with floral prints, I want that retro southern look. Did I hit the mark? I don’t really know, but i’m excited to wear this outfit.

white lace top

2 Apr

Charlotte Ruse white lace top

Forever 21 black bralette

Forever 21 high waisted denim shorts

Blowfish beige Casita Sandals

forever 21 outfit

25 Mar

Forever 21 front & back v neck shirt

Forever 21 High waisted denim shorts with belt

Forever 21 brown suede open toed wedge


20 Mar

American Apparel grey shawl

Target clutch purse

DSW crown vintage black wedges

I love DSW, it is the best thing that happened to my town. I went there today with my cousin, and we found amazing wedges. These were the best of the best, they came in black & brown and were $60. I have a wedge shopping problem and can’t stop buying them, these are next to buy on my list.


13 Mar

Yesterday I went to goodwill on a hunt to make some high waisted shorts.It was an semi successful trip, but I the shorts weren’t as high as i’d like them to be. I also found this blue flowy button up shirt which I really like. I love my goodwill outfit.

make your own shorts

26 Feb

My favorite shorts are the shorts I make out of my old jeans, and I mean really old. The flared jeans I wore in middle school and beginning of high school. These make the best shorts, plus you aren’t ruining any jeans you might want to wear again someday. I usually cut them longer to gauge how much shorter I need to make them. I have to ways of styling them; the first way being cuffing, where I roll them up  a little bit. To cuff them you need to leave them longer, so when you cut them they go to your desired length. The second way is making them look distressed, which is when they are frayed at the bottoms. I cut them to the length i want them to be and then take my scissors and run the ends of the shorts along it. Best shorts ever and you aren’t spending any money!