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recent purchases

15 May

Some of my new buys this week from H&M;

black lace button up dress (which I LOVE a lot)

white lace tank top, see through

white corset top

pinkish nude flowy dress, with black lining

And the only one not from H&M is my Macy’s pink floral romper. I’ll take pictures with all of these on me within the couple days, almost done with school!


shorts on shop my closet

7 Apr

To purchase any of my custom shorts visit my SHOPMY CLOSET page! If you want anything specific studding, just email me at


customized shorts

1 Apr

The hot weather is coming soon and I will be selling one of a kind shorts! They will all be different sizes and customized with studs, fraying, rips, or cuffed bottoms. email me if you want a customized pair, or to choose from the ones already made!

*All shorts  shown are all sizes 0-2

*If you are looking for a larger size, I can do that also

*I haven’t studded the shorts yet, you can reserve a pair and let me know if you would like studs and where you would like them.

Price:  $39.95

recent purchases

25 Mar

Aerie White floral shirt

Aerie lace bra

Aerie blue floral bandeau bra

Forever 21 High waisted denim jeans

These shorts are almost exactly what I was looking for. They are extremely high, and super tight and stretchy. I can’t wait till I can finally wear them!

high waisted shorts

13 Mar

A ll I think about are high waisted shorts, someday I will find exactly what i’m looking for. If you are also on a hunt for some high waisted shorts, here are some good ones I’ve found priced between 10$-80$

1. Topshop:Indigo Betsy Shorts

2: Yesstyle: Cookie 7

3: Allyfashion: High waist denim shorts

4: Urban Outfitters: Levi’s Sailor Short

5: Yesstyle: Kenzi w

6: Forever 21: High waist denim shorts

i want!

26 Feb

These shorts are pretty much my dream shorts. I really want them, but have no idea where they are from or how to find out, so if anyone has seen them or ones like them please let me know!