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Switching to a new site

7 Jul

Hi guys, it dones’t seem like anyone is buying any of my stuff on this site so I have changed sites! I will be at I have only just started putting clothing up, I have much much more to go! I will also be selling jewelry, accessories, posters, books, pretty much anything i can think of! So go check it out. If you like the things I blog about, you can also check out my tumblr



buy my clothes!

1 Jun

Hi guys! I am back from vacation and ready to start posting more! New Orleans was amazing and I ate a lot of great food. If you have never tried a beignets, you should go out right now and find one. The above picture is of Cafe Du Monde which is the most magical place on earth. Anyways, now that i’m home I really want to start selling my clothes, and i’ll be putting up a lot more! Please be sure to check out my SHOP MY CLOSET tab! 


7 May

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s my last couple weeks of school before I graduate, and I have a lot of homework. I will get back to posting as soon as summer is here!

sneak peak

25 Feb

I am going to start selling clothing right from my closet, once I get the page up and running and figure out some prices! So be excited. Here is a little preview of a couple items that I will be selling.

cat eye sunglasses

25 Feb

How amazing are these sunglasses? If anyone knows where I can find some like this, that don’t cost a million dollars, please let me know!

turban headband

25 Feb

I really like this look, so i decided I must try it. I bought a plain black jersey knit turban headband(shown in picture) and was super excited for it. I patiently waited 2 weeks for it to come in the mail, finally when I got it, I put it on and I looked like a fortune teller. Maybe i don’t have the right type of hair, or my forehead is too small, but how in the world do you pull this off? Very upset.
Here is where I got mine:


best color ever

24 Feb


Mod about you by OPI use to be my FAVORITE nail polish color. It was so great, it made you look tan even in the winter. For some strange reason OPI decided to discontinue it. When I found out I stocked up but I just ran out, wtf OPI. Luckily, there is a color similar to it called Fiji by essie. I guess I can forgive you OPI.