Switching to a new site

7 Jul

Hi guys, it dones’t seem like anyone is buying any of my stuff on this site so I have changed sites! I will be at http://rosebuds.bigcartel.com/. I have only just started putting clothing up, I have much much more to go! I will also be selling jewelry, accessories, posters, books, pretty much anything i can think of! So go check it out. If you like the things I blog about, you can also check out my tumblr http://icanhazcomputa.tumblr.com/



buy my clothes!

1 Jun

Hi guys! I am back from vacation and ready to start posting more! New Orleans was amazing and I ate a lot of great food. If you have never tried a beignets, you should go out right now and find one. The above picture is of Cafe Du Monde which is the most magical place on earth. Anyways, now that i’m home I really want to start selling my clothes, and i’ll be putting up a lot more! Please be sure to check out my SHOP MY CLOSET tab! 

fancy summer night

20 May

Guess cream lace ruffled dress with brown belt

Target nude  woven wedges

tag sale

17 May

I will be having a tag sale with all my clothing/purses/shoes. If you live in Connecticut, near the danbury area please let me know! I will give you information and directions. Also, if you do come and you mention my site I will give you two things for free! Please tell everyone you know, and please please please come!

violent lips

16 May

Today I saw this advertisement for lip tattoos, of course I clicked it and watch this amazing video of a girl putting on a (fake) lip tattoo. They are bright colors, last for hours, and pretty cheap. So I thought i’d share them with my 3 followers!

If you want a pair check out their site, Violent Lips

recent purchases

15 May

Some of my new buys this week from H&M;

black lace button up dress (which I LOVE a lot)

white lace tank top, see through

white corset top

pinkish nude flowy dress, with black lining

And the only one not from H&M is my Macy’s pink floral romper. I’ll take pictures with all of these on me within the couple days, almost done with school!

h&m dress

14 May

H&M black lace dress
DSW buckle wedges